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Time used to be measured by certain events which persisted in the memory of men, some distorted and translated into myths, others disappeared forever by the hand of those who kept the remembrance in their memory.

As we walk in the sea of memories, we find that memories are mostly associated with our senses. For me, chamomile reminds me of summer school in Colombia, wet wool to a trip with my grandmother and fried eggs to a Sunday morning with my father in Miami. There is little that I can do as these smells are impregnated with my memories forever.

A large -and certainly one of the most enjoyable- memories we come across is food; from our kitchens, friends’ tables, local bakeries, corner pubs and beautiful restaurants. Some lucky ones will remain with us and stir and inspire future meals and stories.

Food Words Maz is an open space to ensure a tradition of transferring information is maintained through words that can explain those family recipes, a delightful wine and those places in Victoria championing meal and drink matching.

Today’s best-kept secrets will be shared amongst food enthusiasts to create an infinite library of mouth-watering, happy memories.



Food Matching in Melbourne


Sunday Eggs

photo taken from Gourmet Traveller

2 Responses to Food Words Menu

  1. lunny06 says:

    Cool mate, sorry the GPP blog didn’t really kick off but I think this is a great idea! Bien provecho, d’Arcy!

  2. nicolasmontejo says:

    jajaja, just what i needed! love the recepies!

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