Sesame bagel & flat white

You could be forgiven for thinking that bagels originated in the United States, and that their creator invented cream cheese and smoked salmon at the same time. But while Americans may have turned the bagel into a profitable commodity and introduced the world to blueberry, garlic and spinach flavoured varieties, they certainly didn’t create the original.

While the origin of bagels are attributed to the Ottoman empire or a Jewish communities in Eastern Europe, they certainly have not made an impact in Melbourne. The Final Step however, is bringing those chewy, savoury, thick doughnuts to us. Wohhoo! Pick from plain, sesame seed or blueberry and add your favorite spread: butter, cream cheese, jam or a goat’s cheese, lemon and avocado salsa. To drink: freshly grounded beans from Central America. As they say, their goal is to create a product to the best of their ability with what knowledge they have and resources available to them. True in every bagel bite!

Where: The Final Step

1c Murphy Street, South Yarra


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