Mr. Miyagi & Sam Adams

Most of us would agree that a burger without chips is not a burger. Yet what about if you add to that a great brew? The ultimate meal? There might be more majestic options, but to come across a great burger, crispy chips and a good beer is quite a mission -especially in South Yarra. Once you’ve realised that the sign on the street that says Drug Store is actually a cafe by day and burger shop by night, you will find a simple, but well-matched menu of burgers and brews. Named after a fictional karate master, the Mr. Miyagi dresses a soft herby patty with spicy wasabi, sweet teriyaki and fresh salad leaves, all sandwiched in a buttery brioche bun. Chips are fat, crunchy and soft inside. Thirsty? There’s six beers to choose from, but a Sam Adams will surely make the ultimate match.

Where: Burger Joint

194 Toorak Road, South Yarra

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