Korean Chicken, pickled radish & Beer

As a five year old, fried chicken was on my menu almost as often as Milo. After an overdose of Kentucky Fried Chicken and a persistent mother cooking healthier meals, fried chicken was left behind along with my multi-coloured sunglasses. Although I don’t miss my sunglasses, I found I did have a hidden craving for that crispy, finger-liking chicken. The perfect match? Beer! Koreans have long been known for perfectioning fried chicken. At Hallah in North Melbourne, you can choose from original, marinated, soy or garlic. They’re all served with pickled radish and luckily, they’ve got beer jugs. As the staff say, “it’s what we’re famous for.”

Where: Hallah

268 Victoria Street, North Melbourne

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1 Response to Korean Chicken, pickled radish & Beer

  1. Martha Lloreda says:

    Hijo me dio hambre ……………..ya hoy eres un experto y me encanta tu afición y amor por la buena comida.Bueno y la exelente cerveza.
    Te quiero mucho

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